About Riken Keiki

About Us

In 1939 RIKEN KEIKI was founded at the Jiro Tsuji Laboratory of RIKEN in Azusawa in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward. As a company RIKEN KEIKI is working closely with the Private Research Foundation Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (Currently known as the National Research and Development Institute). Since our founding, we’ve been devoted to ensuring industrial safety and disaster prevention under our corporate philosophy: Creating safe environments for workers. We have specialized as a manufacturer of gas detection and monitoring equipment, utilizing scientific knowledge from the institute. Our products help to ensure safety by preventing industrial disasters such as explosions caused by combustible gases and monitoring for toxic gas leakage in workplace environments.

In semiconductor and LCD factories, petrochemical plants, iron works, tankers and other vessels, oil storage bases, underground gas facilities, volcanic mountains and so on, gases are consumed, manufactured, stored and generated. We manufacture proprietary gas detection and monitoring equipment and various gas sensors to monitor for workspace and facility safety in such environments. We are committed to research and development to pioneer new ways to create safe working environments for people.
In-depth knowledge and considerable experience about research and development, production, sales, and after sales service make us well established with strong brand recognition and credibility. Our products are known worldwide for their long life and reliability. Our goal is to use our expertise and years of experience to protect precious lives and valuable assets.

We are committed to continually strengthen our research and development, provide high quality gas detection and monitoring equipment and superior gas sensors to all countries worldwide, to help ensure safety from industrial disasters.

Building on the mission of our predecessors—to ensure workers everywhere can continue to work in safety—we strive to grow and expand our business into the future. Looking toward the future, we will continue to create products that meet the ever-diversifying industrial needs—products marked by quality and reliability continually refined by a history and tradition of solid technologies.

Riken Keiki Business Policy

Riken Keiki endeavors for its operations to be in full Legal Compliance, to strive for Preservation of the Environment, and to maintain our role of high Social Responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

Manage our Research and Development in an efficient manner, to create useful and needed products which will be suitably profitable, to assure excellent and sustainable company growth.

Contribute to society by producing high quality products and enhanced services to assist our customers in creating safe working environments.

Reward stockholders by operating in a profitable manner to continually increase our corporate value.

Develop mutually beneficial bilateral cooperative relations with vendors by providing stable business transactions.

Create a rewarding working environment, to provide challenge and satisfaction for all employees, and also provides adequate compensation for their work efforts to assist in providing comfort and stability to their personal lives.

What We Do

Riken Keiki offers over a hundred different models of gas detection and environmental measurement products.

We continue to refine the technologies established through our history while investigating and improving the quality and technical capabilities of the products we provide. Riken Keiki instruments are designed and manufactured to respond to diverse industrial requirements and applications. Customers rely on them to detect and prevent disasters rapidly and precisely.

New product development involves the continual improvement and refinement of existing products, as well as active collaboration with our customers as a matter of course.


Here at Riken Keiki we pledge to ensure the safety of the public in working environments. In light of this, we have zero tolerance for compromises in quality in any manufacturing process.

It can be difficult and demanding to satisfy the basic conditions for precisely ensuring that a facility or system is completely free of gas leaks. Riken Keiki is able to produce high-quality goods through its R&D department, the production technologies of its manufacturing sites, its services to provide accurate information to all customers, and its no-compromise attitude.

At Riken Keiki we take two approaches to environmental conservation. The first is a thoroughgoing commitment towards corporate activity with minimal environmental impact. Through this commitment we have acquired certification by the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard. Our company selects only environment-friendly materials for its research. In manufacturing, we apply integrated systems to contain all waste and contaminants generated. Our second approach to environmental protection applies in product development. The detectors and measuring instruments we have developed for environmental pollution are highly valued for their roles in emission control, as well as for the control of substances such as formaldehyde and dioxin. The possibility of an environmentally safe 21st century is increasing exponentially.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.