Calibration Services


Creating Safe Working Environment


RIKENEKEIKI MIDDLE EAST offers the complete calibration solution for Gas detectors.  Our calibration service also extended outside the calibration lab.  If you have a large amount of equipment that simply isn’t feasible to send to us, we’re able to come out to you to perform onsite calibration services. This will involve one or more (depending on the nature of the job) of our expert technicians travelling to your premises to carry out calibration procedures on your equipment. A team of factory trained Engineers/ Technician provide the complete solution for your gas detection calibration.  

Adopting the factory calibration procedure and tools to ensure to get the quality jobs and services to the user. Making sure gas testers are generating accurate readings is not only important for making sure you’re getting the right test results, but it’s also extremely important for ensuring that gas installations and equipment are safe for humans to be around daily basis. An incorrectly calibrated gas tester can throw up highly inaccurate readings; this may mean that gas leaks go undetected, composite gases within flue gas may be at harmful levels, or various other unidentified problems could be present.

 We calibrate a range of gas equipment to recommended standards, helping to make sure that your equipment is as accurate as possible.  We use calibration gases from the world-renowned calibration gas manufacturer.

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