Gaseous environments are ubiquitous in industry and confined spaces, necessitating gas detector calibration services and repairs. Confined work spaces are found in chemical plants, underground mines, power generation, oil refineries, and agricultural plants and much throughout industry and commerce.  The air may be contaminated with carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide, explosive gases, oxygen deprivation, arsine, phosphine, hydrogen cyanide, and an entire host of other bad players. 

OSHA regulates the workspace and confined spaces.  It is imperative that when these spaces are evaluated, that the gas detectors are up to snuff.  They need to provide accurate measurement data, be sensitive, be specific, be durable, and be loud.  The alarm must be loud enough to alert entrants and supervisors.  Gas detectors and measurement systems can mean the difference between life and death.

At RIKENKEIKI MIDDLE EAST, we take great care to ensure that your gas monitor has the proper stated air flow, has good working sensors, that the batteries are healthy, and that the entire unit is up to original specifications. Not only must a bump check be done just prior to entry into a confined space, the unit must be able to survive the trip.  Aging sensors, a crippled pump, or short life batteries can leave you in the lurch and stop the project or worse.


Riken Keiki service Engineers are available for the Installation of any gas detection system. The customer is getting a reliable gas detection solution from a reliable manufacturer. 80 years of gas detection experience.  Our Service support extended to Oil and Gas, Marine, petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, industrial refrigeration, water and wastewater treatment, plastics and fibers, agriculture, manufacturing and other industrial processes.


From a reliable gas detector manufacturer, you will get a quality product and services. We design custom made solution for any of your gas detection needs. 


On site/in house calibration services are available any time for your requirement.


Our Service engineers are available for commissioning and commissioning assistance for any gas detection system.

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