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RKI’s paper tape monitors utilize highly sensitive colorimetric tapes to achieve interference free detection at low PPB and PPM levels of a wide variety of gases. The FP-301 is equipped with an easily replaceable tape that is highly specific to Arsine AsH3 and Hydrogen Selenide H2Se. This model is equipped with a digital display showing the type of gas and concentration in ppb. The FP-301 will also display remaining tape life as well as an end of tape alarm.

The FP-301 has audible and visual alarms, as well as alarm relay contacts and 4-20mA output. A unique “tape saver mode” extends tape life in applications where high background gas levels may be present.

The FP-301 meets and exceeds OSHA and NIOSH compliance requirements, and does not respond to interfering gases (hydrocarbons, alcohols, solvents, CO, etc.) that may be present in industrial/manufacturing environments. FP 301

  • PPB detection for ArsineAsH3 and Hydrogen Selenide H2Se
  • PPB or PPM digital display
  • Easily transportable
  • Panel mounting configuration available
  • Cassette tape remainder display included
  • Self-diagnostic functions
  • Two alarm levels
  • Interference – free detection
  • Ideal for detecting new ACGIH’s TLV level for Arsine
  • Detecting of uncaptured gas from scrubber
  • Environmental monitroing for semiconductor fabs
Detection principlePhotoelectric photometry method using tape cassette
Detection tapePlug in cassette
Target Gas and Detection rangeArsine: 0-15 ppb

Hydrogen Selenium: 0-200 ppb

Sampling methodInternal sample drawing pump
Gas concentration displayDigital display by LCD
Alarm IndicationWarning and alarm with audible and visual indications
Alarm relay outputCommon contact for each WARNING, ALARM and trouble, latched mode, rated 0.5A at 125VAC (resistive load)
Alarm displayGas Alarm: Yellow warning light, Red alarm light and buzzer sound

Trouble Alarm: Flashing green light

Self diagnosisSensor failure, low flow, tape cut, tape end notice, tape end, tape set failure, system trouble
External output signal4-20mA (300 Ω at maximum load resistance)
Operating temperature & humidity41-95°F

30~90% RH (non condensing)

Power supply & power24VDC +/- 10% for panel mounting
100 VAC-220VAC+/-10%, 50/60 Hz (desktop type)
Please specify the mounting type and power supply when ordering
Dimensions & weightPanel mounting: Approx. 6.5″(W) x 6.5″(H) x 10.3″(D) Approx. 14.33lb

Desktop: Approx. 6.5″(W) x 7.8″(H) x 10.4″(D) Approx. 12.125lb