FP 330
High Sensitivity Formaldehyde Gas Monitor

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    RKI’s paper tape monitors utilize highly sensitive colorimetric tapes to achieve interference free gas detection. The FP-330 is equipped with an easily replaceable tape that is highly specific to Formaldehyde. This model is equipped with a digital display showing the type of gas and concentration in PPM. The FP-330 will also display remaining tape life as well as an end of tape alarm.

    The FP-330 has audible and visual alarms, as well as alarm relay contacts and 4-20mA output. A unique “Tape Saver mode” extends tape life in applications where high background gas levels may be present.

    The FP-330 meets and exceeds OSHA and NIOSH compliance requirements, and does not respond to interfering gases (hydrocarbons, alcohols, solvents, CO, etc.) that may be present in industrial/manufacturing environments.

    • Small and compact
    • Highly sensitive and ideal for low level formaldehyde concentrations
    • Interference-free detection
    • Easy detection tape replacement with plug-in cassette
    • Tape remainder display and tape end warning alarm provided
    • PPM digital display
    • Easily transportable
    • 115 VAC powered
    • Alarm relays
    • 4-20mA output
    • Furniture and woodworking
    • Coating and varnishing
    • Engineered wood products
    • Medical / veterinary
    • Painting & corrosion resistant finishes
    • Carpet manufacture & storage
    • Adhesives
    • Heat treatment operations
    • Manufactured homes/trailer/RV inspection


    FP-330 HCHO 0 – 0.500 ppm

    FP-330 HCHO 0 – 1.00 ppm

    FP-330 HCHO 0 – 5.00 ppm


    Photoelectric photometry method using tape cassette

    Detection tape

    Plug in cassette, 65-FCL-018

    Detection gas

    Formaldehyde (HCHO)

    Detection range

    0.030 to
    0.500 ppm

    0.05 to
    1.00 ppm

    0.3 to
    5.00 ppm

    Alarm point

    1st 0.080ppm
    2nd 0.300ppm

    1st 0.17ppm
    2nd 0.33ppm

    1st 0.8ppm
    2nd 1.7ppm


    Latching alarm (standard) or non-latching (option)
    Lamp: Caution = Yellow
    Alarm = Red, with buzzer


    0.030 ppm

    0.05 ppm

    0.3 ppm

    Measuring cycle

    1800 sec.
    (30 minutes)

    600 seconds
    (10 minutes)

    180 seconds
    (3 minutes)



    0.01 ppm

    0.1 ppm

    Flow rate

    450ml/min. (nominal)

    Max. tubing

    2m (teflon only)


    +/-20% of indication value + 1 digit

    Tape operation time

    1 month with no background gas. (see note below)

    Alarm Indication

    Warning and alarm with audible and visual indications


    Low flow, tape cut, sensor failure, etc.

    External output signal

    4-20mA (load resistance: below 300Ω)

    Operating temperature & humidity

    5~35°C 20~60% RH (non condensing)

    Gas inlet/outlet

    OD 6mm with fittings

    Power supply & power

    100VAC to 220VAC universal power,

    Dimensions & weight

    Approx. 6.5″(W) x 7.8″(H) x 10.4″(D)
    Approx. 12.125lb

    164 (W) x 198 (H) x 263 (D) mm, 6.5kg

    When HCHO exists in the background continuously over 0.03 ppm, the tape on FP-330 advances after every measurement, so the tape is consumed very quickly. In this case, to extend operating time, the Tape Saver mode is provided on the FP-330.

    Tape Saver mode is available for all three ranges;
    0H: Normal operation.
    1H: One measurement during one hour. Tape lasts 15 days with constant background level.
    2H: One measurement during two hours. Tape lasts 30 days with constant background level.

    Specifications subject to change without notice