LC-860 Oxygen Analyzer

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    The LC-860 Series oxygen analyzer has been specifically developed for the application of controlling and monitoring oxygen in the electronic industry. This analyzer enables the user to measure a wide range of oxygen from the ppb level up to 100% Volume Oxygen. The LC-860 uses a proven zirconium oxide sensor that will provide many years of stable, reliable and precise operation. LC 860

    TypePortable or panel-mounted
    Display systemO2 conc.; LED Digital, 6 Digitsl
    Measurement range0.1ppm?100vol%O2
    (Oxygen Concentration (less than 1ppm) and 0-1ppm or less is out of warranty.)
    Response speedIn 30 sec. after changing sampling gas from Inlet. (90% response)
    RepeatabilityWithin ±1 % of full scale (Not guaranteed for 1ppm and the 0-1 ppm display range or below)
    Sampling systemContinuos Suction
    Sample gas rate200±50 ml/min
    Sample gas conditionsFlow Rate; 1000~2000 ml/min
    Pressure; 0.03MPa or less
    Humidity; Dew point shall be lower than ambient temperature.
    No Flammable Gas, No Halogen Gas, Silica, Corrosive Gas nor Vapor shall be contained.
    Recorder outputOutput signal: DC 0-10 V, insulation/load resistance 500 Ω max.
    CommunicationConformed to RS-232C
    Alarm outputDevice Error Output
    Concentration Error
    Self DiagnosisWarm-up Error, CPU Error,Instruments Over Heat Error,and other 11type
    Automatic refresh functionApply current to sensor automatically in detecting the deterioration of sensor during air calibration
    Ambient temperature0-40 °C
    Warmup timeIn 20 min.
    Dimensions288(W) × 144(H) × 400(D)mm (Excluding protrusion)
    WeightApprox. 10 kg
    Gas connectionINLET (Sample Gas); Rc 1/8
    BYPASS OUT ; Rc 1/8
    OUTLET (Sample Gas); Rc 1/4
    Power SourceVoltage; AC 100V±10 V?Frequency; 50/60 Hz