Portable Gas Detector GW-3(OX)

  • Smart interchangeable sensors
  • Wide range of toxic gases
  • Unique extender cable for remote monitoring
  • Approx. 63mm(W) x 42mm(H) x 22mm(D)(excluding projections)
  • Approx. 45g
  • 250 hours of continuous operation
  • AAA alkaline or Ni-MH(eneloop) batteries(x2)
  • Audible / visual / vibration alarms
  • Datalogging standard
  • Impact resistant protective rubber boot
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Built around RKIs latest smart sensor technology, the OX-04G is a versatile single toxic gas monitor. The smart sensors are interchangeable, with the OX-04G automatically recognizing any sensor change without any set up or configuration changes. The sensors calibration information also stays with each sensor. Weighing only 7.6 ounces, it has many features which set it apart from the competition. For example, it offers sensors for Ammonia (NH3), Arsine (ASH3), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Chlorine (Cl2), Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Phosphine (PH3), and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). The SC-01s unique extender cable allows the sensor to be attached to the end of a 10 foot cable for remote monitoring and quick response

  • Utilities
  • Personal monitoring
  • Refineries / petrochemical
  • Chemical plants
  • Hazmat response
  • Water / wastewater treatment
  • Semiconductor plants

Smart interchangeable sensors
Remote monitor capability by optional extender cable (3m)
Approx. 54mm(W) x 67mm(H) x 24mm(D)(excluding projections)
250 hours of continuous operation
AAA alkaline or Ni-MH(eneloop) batteries(x2)

CategoryPortable gas detector
TypeSingle Gas / Multi Gas
Gas typeOxygen/Toxic
Detection gasO2/CO/H2S
Principle of detectionGalvanic cell type(O2)
Electrochemical type(other)
Sampling methodDiffusion
Display of alarmFlashing light / buzzer / vibration
Explosion protected constructionIntrinsically safe
Explosion-proof classATEX: Ⅱ1G Ex ia ⅡC T4 Ga
IECEx: Ex ia ⅡC T4 Ga
IP ratingIP66/68(2m, 1h)
Power sourceCR2450 coin type lithium ion battery
DimensionsApprox. 63mm(W) x 42mm(H) x 22mm(D)(excluding projections)
WeightApprox. 45g
Operating temperature range-20℃ to +50℃ (no sudden changes)(O2)
-20℃ to +50℃ (no sudden changes)(Approx.15-minute temporary use environment:-20℃ to +60℃[no sudden changes])(other)
Operating humidity range10 to 90%RH (no condensation)(O2)
10 to 90%RH (no condensation)(Approx.15-minute temporary use environment:0 to 95%RH[no condensation])(other)

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