Calibration Station

LC-860 Oxygen Analyzer

The LC-860 Series oxygen analyzer has been specifically developed for the application of controlling and monitoring oxygen in the electronic industry. This analyzer enables the user to measure a wide range of oxygen from the ppb level up to 100% Volume Oxygen. The LC-860 uses a proven zirconium oxide sensor that will provide many years of stable, reliable and precise operation. LC 860

Toray’s 3D Printing Solution

Toray group can propose total solution for 3D printing by providing not only materials but also analyses and manufacturing.

LC-750L/PC-120 Oxygen Analyzer

The LC-750 Series of oxygen analyzers has been developed to monitor or control almost any inert gas stream that is clean, dry and free of corrosive and combustible components. The built-in sample pump of the PC-120 is used to draw a sample into the analyzer for processing. This analyzer is widely used in the semiconductor industry to monitor for oxygen content in glove box and manufacturing applications. LC 750 PC 120

LC-450A Oxygen Analyzer

The Toray LC-450A is a compact oxygen analyzer designed for monitoring oxygen content from low ppm range up to 100% Volume Oxygen. This analyzer uses a specially treated oxygen sensor for increased durability, high precision and long life. This compact analyzer is easily mounted in tools for the manufacturing of semiconductor and liquid crystal devices. LC 450A

RF-30 Compact Oxygen Analyzer

This analyzer is equipped with our unique, compact zirconia sensor to enable stable and highly accurate measurement over the long term.

SD/LD-450 Oxygen Analyzer

The LD-450 is a high performance oxygen analyzer designed for monitoring oxygen content from the ppb to the % Volume Oxygen levels. This unique slim-line oxygen converter is provided with a precision zirconia oxygen sensor that can be flange mounted into a vacuum chamber or vacuum line. The oxygen sensor is connected to the LD-450 converter by a standard 2-meter cable. Cable lengths up to 10 meters can be purchased if needed. Available ISO vacuum flange sizes are: NW16, 25, 40 or R3/8 screw. SD 450, LD 450

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